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Presto Print, Inc. has been meeting its customers’ needs in the West Michigan area for over 40 years — now we're on the Web to serve you even better!

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 Presto Services

  • Walk-in Xeroxing & Faxing
  • Color photocopies
  • Full-bleed letter to tabloid offset printing
  • Bindery department, including mailings
  • Computerized Typesetting & Imaging
  • Support for Macintosh and Windows DTP

 Presto Advantages

  • State-of-the-art duplicating & collating equipment
  • Over 100,000 hours press experience
  • Your camera-ready, our camera-ready, or our 2400-DPI film
  • Hundreds of papers & envelopes in stock
  • Power Macs, P3s, & plenty of programs
  • Experienced staff always available for help

 Check Us Out

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